Health Protocols, Testing Requirements & Vaccination Status - PLEASE REVIEW
To ensure the safety of all guests, each cruise line has implemented strict health protocols, which include testing, vaccination, insurance and social distancing requirements along with other important guidelines.  It is a REQUIREMENT that you review these IMPORTANT health protocols before your cruise.  Select your cruise line below to view their current health protocols and travel requirements.

Mandatory Travel Insurance For Unvaccinated Passengers Sailing From Florida or Texas (Select Cruise Lines)
For select cruise lines, if a cruise departs from the state of Florida or Texas and any of the passengers in your stateroom cannot (or do not) provide proof upon boarding of having been fully COVID vaccinated at least 2 weeks prior to the sailing date, they may be required to purchase the cruise line’s special insurance for FL & TX departures.  If they have not purchased that coverage (which would show up in the cruise line’s system) they will be denied boarding and the cruise line will not issue a refund. This requirement applies to select cruise lines. Please refer to your specific cruise line below for complete and updated policies regarding health protocols including travel insurance requirements.

GENERAL REMINDER RE NON-VACCINATED PASSENGERS ON ALL CRUISES:  In addition to the special travel insurance requirements for Florida and Texas departures (described above), nearly all cruises (regardless of where they depart from) either prohibit non-vaccinated passengers from sailing or impose requirements such as pre-cruise and post-cruise COVID testing at the passenger’s expense, mask wearing in public areas, shore excursion restrictions, etc.  Please review your cruise line’s specific policies or prohibitions for unvaccinated passengers.