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About Singles Cruises

Looking to travel alone and meet people as you explore the world? Consider a singles cruise. However, in terms of industry vernacular, “singles cruise” has two connotations: people looking to have a room to themselves, or a bona-fide solo cruise, or those wanting specifically to meet and couple up. As you plan, take into account the implications and costs of both scenarios.

Solo Cruising

Because so many cruises gear toward couples and families, the passenger traveling alone frequently feels left out. Dining arrangements keep him or her at a table alone or with strangers, while dancing – a feature on Holland America and Cunard cruises – seems frivolous and out of the question. Activities, from games to shore excursions, place groups first and foremost. Yet, being alone appears like a minor inconvenience until the “single supplement” is considered. Perhaps the most prohibitive aspect of cruising alone, this charge requires the single passenger, often booking a room for two, to pay for the additional “missing person.” This often ends up being 100 to 200 percent of the cabin price. However, cruise lines are starting to realize that more and more travelers are opting to see the world by themselves and on their own terms. As such, newer liners now feature solo cabins – small and in the interior, yes, but with just enough space and amenities for one person. A public area allows the singles to congregate and meet each other, away from other couples and families.

Singles Cruises

On the other hand, the traditional singles cruise presents scenarios and activities for strangers to meet, get to know each other, and possibly couple up on the high seas. Your trip frequently will offer group games, speed dating, social gatherings, dance lessons, and guided tours, and even possibly a pre-cruise event for getting to know others on board. Keep in mind that the actual cruise lines don’t offer these trips. Rather, an agency or company specializing in singles or group cruising organizes it and books the accommodations. While all travelers may stay in proximity to each other, dine together, and participate in activities, the “singles supplement” may still be a financial concern – that is, unless you share a room with another singles cruiser. The organizing company may simply pair same-sex travelers up or offer a roommate matching service. There are a few more points to be aware of:
• Most cruises have a wide age range on board, although the average tends to be from 30 to 50. The organizing company, however, may plan events geared toward specific demographics: seniors, baby boomers, and the under-35 crowd.
• Even though you’re looking to meet, the crowd is rarely a 50/50 split.
• Halloween is considered the best and most crowded time to take a singles cruise.
• If the singles cruise has a theme, make sure the activities and parties are to your liking.

What Cruise Lines Offer

Norwegian Cruise LineNorwegian Cruise Line: Newer ships like the Norwegian Epic, Breakaway, and Getaway come with solo cabins and social areas for singles, while older ships, like the Pride of America, are being retrofitted with these features. Generally, if you’re traveling alone, expect a 100 square foot room with a bed, flat screen television, and bathroom in the interior.

Holland AmericaHolland America: Like other European cruise lines, Holland America has stood out with its features catering to solo travelers, like workshops and activities. For instance, the Single Partners Program schedules mixers and games, allowing solo travelers to get to know each other, while the Roommate Matching Service attempts to bring together like-minded passengers. As well, Holland America makes sure singles aren’t excluded from dining and dancing, with gentlemen hosts available upon request.

Crystal CruisesCrystal Cruises:
An anomaly in the cruising market, Crystal has an abundance of solo travelers on board – about 25 percent of the crowd on an average journey. The line makes an attempt to lessen the experience of being alone by assigning dinner seats and presenting many workshops and activities through its Creative Learning Institute.

Smaller ships create an intimate atmosphere for getting to know other travelers, while capacity-controlled discounts keep the “singles supplement” price down.

Travelers seeking the bygone cruising experience flock to Cunard. With assigned seating, you’ll have no trouble meeting other travelers, while gentlemen are available for dancing in any of the ballrooms. As well, the Queen Elizabeth vessel features single-occupancy cabins.

Royal CaribbeanRoyal Caribbean:
Newer ships present more amenities for solo travelers, including two cabin grades on the Quantum and Anthem of the Seas ships and single cabins on the Radiance of the Seas, Serenade of the Seas, and Brilliance of the Seas.

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