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Cruise from Virginia

Cruise from Virginia

Cruise departing NorfolkVirginia is perfectly positioned on the Eastern seaboard for Bahamas, Bermuda, and Caribbean cruises, as well as for excursions up to Canada and New England. As one of the several Southern origination spots, Norfolk is the starting point for cruises leaving from Virginia. Similar to other smaller Southern ports like Charleston, Norfolk’s terminal is a brief walk away from many downtown destinations and accommodations, from hotels and parking to pre- and post-cruise trip options.

Norfolk, Virginia has the world’s largest natural harbor. With a lengthy maritime history, the area has been used as a port for several decades. Cruise ships, leaving from the Half Moone Cruise and Celebration Center, are one of the more recent developments to this section of Virginia where the Chesapeake Bay flows into the Atlantic Ocean.

Half Moone Cruise and Celebration CenterCruises leaving from Virginia are seasonal. Through Direct Line Cruises, trips on Carnival Cruise Lines can be scheduled from this Virginia city out to the Bahamas. Vacations last from two to six days and itinerary stops often include Freeport and Nassau.

As far as the rest of your trip is concerned, Norfolk is ideal for locals and out-of-towners taking a cruise. The Norfolk International Airport is just a 20-minute drive from the cruise terminal, while the city’s downtown offers parking. A shuttle connects the Cedar Grove parking lot with the¬†Virginia cruise¬†port.

Cruise Ship Port VirginiaNorfolk’s downtown features multiple hotels for spending the night, as well as several destinations for a pre- or post-cruise exploration excursion. The city itself offers various arts and entertainment choices and dining, and 130 festivals are held within Norfolk throughout the year. Closer to the port, the Half Moone Cruise and Celebration Center also doubles as a maritime museum, one displaying one of the largest privately-owned collections of cruise memorabilia in the United States. Nearby is Nauticus, The National Maritime Center, the home of the Battleship Wisconsin.

Other popular Virginia destinations are within driving distance of Norfolk. Should you have a few extra days, consider visiting Virginia Beach, Busch Gardens, and Colonial Williamsburg.


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