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Employment Opportunities

Employment opportunities are NOW available at the corporate headquarters of Direct Line Cruises located at 330 Motor Parkway, Hauppauge New York.

Direct Line Cruises, Inc. is a cruise-only travel agency located on Long Island in Hauppauge, New York. Direct Line Cruises has been in business since 1995. Although we do have some “walk-ins”, the majority of our business is done online and over the telephone. We are not telemarketers. Our travel agents sell cruises in the same way a travel agent at a local “walk-in” agency does. Our travel agents respond to inquiries from past clients, referrals, internet advertising and the newspaper. Our goal is to turn every inquiry into a booking.

Direct Line Cruises is among the top 25 independent cruise-only travel agencies in the country.

The management at Direct Line Cruises has very high expectations for the people we hire. The hard-working people at Direct Line Cruises are self-disciplined individuals who are extremely good at multi-tasking. Although our travel agent’s primary and most important responsibility is to sell cruises, they are dedicated to taking on any type of work that needs to be done during their work hours, regardless of the nature. Our agents possess outstanding customer service skills and are well aware of the importance of maintaining satisfied clients. At the same time, they fully understand that efficient use of time is of utmost importance in a sales business. Our staff is expected to be (and is) reliable, flexible, responsible and meticulous with their work. They must be detail oriented and capable of keeping up with a very hectic pace. Our staff knows the importance of teamwork, a positive attitude and a strong commitment to their job.

The agents at Direct Line Cruises have all taken cruises. That would be a necessary requirement for employment at Direct Line Cruises. The agents are salaried. We do not work on a commission basis. In addition, each Direct Line Cruises employee shares a portion of our Semi-Monthly Bonus Pool and our End-of-Year Bonus Pool (contingent upon booking volume). We also have a generous Quarterly Incentive bonus in place for staff members who meet the eligibility requirements. We employ both part-time and full-time agents. Our full-time agents are provided with a medical benefits package. They also receive paid “time-off” and a paid lunch hour. Our office hours are 10am to 8pm, Monday through Thursday and 10am to 5pm, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Depending on the amount of hours worked, each agent’s schedule includes either one or two 3pm to 8pm shifts and one weekend day. We provide paid detailed job training over a period of approximately 2 to 3 months followed by an employment trial period.

We encourage our agents to become certified as Accredited Cruise Counselors (ACC) by participating in the formal training offered by Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA), which is the most recognized and highly regarded organization within the industry. We compensate our staff for any expenses incurred while participating in formal training given by CLIA or any other cruise-oriented organization recognized within the industry. We also encourage our agents to participate in continuing education offered by each of the major cruise lines that we are affiliated with. Our expectation is that our travel agents become experts in their field.

There are some wonderful perks that come with working at Direct Line Cruises, Inc. As they become available, our agents take part in “Seminars at Sea”. These are cruises that basically “combine business with pleasure”. The “business” part is a seminar that takes about 3 hours. The “pleasure” part is the remainder of the cruise. These Seminars at Sea are either complimentary or greatly discounted. We also have greatly reduced “Travel Agent” cabins available to us on select sailings. Agents must earn cruise line continuing education certification in order to participate in Seminars at Sea or reduced “Travel Agent” cabins. Our agents also get invited to complimentary pre-inaugural voyages on new ships. The agents take part in these perks on a rotation basis. Our agents attend “Ship Inspections”. These are luncheon tours of the ship. The dual purpose of these tours is product knowledge and points towards the CLIA accreditation.

For those who complete the paid training and become successful and productive travel agents at Direct Line Cruises, the reward is an interesting and challenging career at a very pleasant and friendly office offering competitive compensation and some very nice perks.


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