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Norwegian Cruise Line Jewel

Norwegian Cruise Line BalconyFast Facts:  Norwegian Jewel
Built:  2005
Tonnage:  93,502
Length:  965 feet
Width:  105 feet
Passenger capacity:  2,376 (double occupancy)
Interior staterooms (without window):  143 square feet
Ocean-view staterooms (with porthole or window):  161 square feet
Balcony staterooms (with private veranda):  205 square feet
Suites:  285 – 3,355 square feet

Norwegian Cruise Line JacuzziLaunched in 2005, the NCL Jewel was the first of Norwegian Cruise Line’s “Jewel-class” ships, which now includes the Jewel (2005), the Pearl (2006), the Jade (2006) and the Gem (2007).  At 93,500 tons, these ships are considered by many experienced cruisers to be the optimal size (i.e., big enough to contain the modern amenities of a large cruise ship but not “too big”).

Like her three “sister ships”, the NCL Jewel is 965 feet long, 105 feet wide and has 12 decks.  She carries 2,376 passengers (based on double occupancy) plus a crew of 1,081 (for a ratio of 1 crew member to every 2.2 passengers onboard).

Norwegian Jewel SuiteStandard stateroom sizes on the NCL Jewel are 143 square feet for inside cabins (with no window) and 161 square feet for ocean-view cabins with a window.  Standard balcony cabins are 205 square feet and can accommodate up to four passengers.  Suites range in size from 285 square feet up to an incredible 3,355 square feet for a 3-bedroom Garden Villa.

There are 16 different dining options on the NCL Jewel (including 7 specialty restaurants with a cover charge), multiple lounges withNorwegian Cagney's Steakhouse music and dancing, a casino, a spa and beauty salon, and amulti-deck theater featuring Broadway-style production shows.  For family cruises, the NCL Jewel appeals to kids of all ages.  It features an outdoor sports court (with basketball, volleyball and tennis), a fitness center, “Club Underground” for teens, a video arcade, “Sapphire Kids Pool” with a big circular slide, “Splashdown” kids club (NCL’s supervised program for toddlers and young children) and don’t forget the cast of Nickelodeon characters featuring Sponge Bob Square Pants, Dora the Explorer and more!

So, whether you’re looking for the perfect family vacation or just a nice relaxing getaway for the two of you, the Norwegian Jewel is bound to please.

Sail Date:Itinerary:Departure Port:Rates From:
August 30, 20147-day Sawyer Glacier From SeattleSeattle, WAFrom $669 per person
September 06, 20147-day Sawyer Glacier From Seattle ** No Bk2bk 9/6+9/13+9/20Seattle, WAFrom $649 per person
September 13, 20147-day Sawyer Glacier From Seattle ** No Bk2bk 9/6+9/13+9/20Seattle, WAFrom $599 per person
September 13, 201435-day Alaska Pacific Coastal Panama Canal & Western CaribbeanSeattle, WAFrom $2,809 per person
September 13, 201428-day Alaska Pacific Coastal & Panama CanalSeattle, WAFrom $2,459 per person
September 20, 20145-day Pacific Coastal From Vancouver ** No Bk2bk 9/6+9/13+9/20Vancouver, BCFrom $259 per person
September 20, 201428-day Pacific Coastal Panama Canal & Western CaribbeanVancouver, BCFrom $2,279 per person
September 20, 201421-day Pacific Coastal & Panama CanalVancouver, BCFrom $1,419 per person
September 25, 201416-day Panama Canal From Los AngelesLos Angeles, CAFrom $1,239 per person
September 25, 201423-day Panama Canal & Western CaribbeanLos Angeles, CAFrom $1,769 per person
December 27, 20147-day Western Caribbean From HoustonHouston, TexasFrom $899 per person
April 18, 201519-day Panama Canal From HoustonHouston, TexasFrom $1,289 per person
April 18, 201528-day Panama Canal And Alaska From HoustonHouston, TexasFrom $1,999 per person
May 07, 20159-day Glacier Bay From SeattleSeattle, WAFrom $829 per person
May 16, 20157-day Sawyer Glacier From SeattleSeattle, WAFrom $829 per person
May 23, 20157-day Sawyer Glacier From SeattleSeattle, WAFrom $859 per person
May 30, 20157-day Sawyer Glacier From SeattleSeattle, WAFrom $929 per person
June 06, 20157-day Sawyer Glacier From SeattleSeattle, WAFrom $959 per person
June 13, 20157-day Sawyer Glacier From SeattleSeattle, WAFrom $1,009 per person

Consumer Review:After travelling 2 cruises with Royal Caribbean and 2 cruises with Princess, I had already had a baseline in my mind. I did not expect much from this cruise, mainly because of the pricing compared to the other lines. I assumed that NCL would have many more "partiers" on board because it is affordable to everyone. I found nothing but professional staff and crew, excellent entertainment, great food offerings and most importantly an extremely friendly clientele. We made a number of new friends onboard the NCL Jewel. We also had some great conversations with many people including young couples who were there for the same reasons we enjoyable holiday. We have several friends that know that we have travelled RCCL and Princess in the past to see how we would rate the NCL cruise. We will be very happy to share our experiences with them. Embarkment was not so great in New York, but it was apparently due to the ship coming in late to port that morning. No one seemed to be upset by the queues and we certainly did not. Thanks for a great vacation!
Consumer Review:All crew members were very pleasant and helpful. Always smiling and polite.
Consumer Review:All programs, entertainment and excursions were great. The ship was immaculate and the service was friendly. The only issue I had was a that a cover charge for most of the dining rooms applied (which cost anywhere from $10 to $20 per head) which can add up at the end of the week (this makes meals not so free). I also think a room service charge should have a CAP on it after 3 people booking under one reservation there should be no more service charges after $36 per day (min $12-$36 max per day). I mention this because I would like to go on a cruise again, but with my children this time and with the 5 of us in total ----$12 per day each person is costly, and then your cost for cover charges at restaurants, your drinks and your spa class charges start to really add up each day which makes a family vacation not so affordable. Overall, I would cruise again in a heartbeat, but I would truly have to be financially ready to spend alot more money than I had originally expected.
Consumer Review:breakfast & lunch buffets good . dinner in main dining room weak. we did not realized that smoking was allowed all over the ship. entertainment in nightclub excellent. freestyle dining good concept but peo people took advantage of the casual dress code & were dressed inappropriate. one dangerous policy-- they serve drinks in glass at the pool, my husband cut hisfoot on apiece of glass.overall value for the price good
Consumer Review:Cruise was very nice. Ship was great & service very good. Went parasailing at private island & that was wonderful! Ships music poolside was too loud to be able to converse & range of music was limited, they could try to appeal to a larger audience since many age groups are represented. Nice to have an adults only pool & one for families. Will definitely book through DLC again!
Consumer Review:Disappointed in several areas: food quality below expectation, entertainment also lacking in quality. We felt like we were "nichol/dimed" to death, motto for NCL should be "fee applies". Fees were expensive regarding food, bingo and general entertainment. Prices on board, shops and drinks, were very high, and no good specials offered. The gift shops specials were junk. Do not plan to sail NCL again.
Consumer Review:Efficient as well as excellent service from Direct Line Cruises. Would highly recommend to friends and family.
Consumer Review:Embarkation was a mad house not very organized. There were not signs to tell you where to go or what to do. Disembarkation was like walking threw a ware house of machinery. Felt like you were kicked to the curb. Take my money and good bye..... Entertainment was the same after a while enough is enough change it up. on board services felt like you get nickle and dime to death. shore excursions need some help we went on one that was absolutely terrible. Antquia you can keep what a poor country very dirty. Millers by the sea was disgusting. Flies eating at our food and birds flew down to grab some food from our plate. The beach had dog poop out there and natives fight next to the gated fence we were in.
Consumer Review:Embarkation/disembarkation was very easy. We were on the ship within 20 minutes of arrival, and our disembarktion went very well, and on time. The ship was very clean, service was good in the dining venues, and the food was very good. Entertainment was very good, but would have liked to have more of a variety in the lounges. Service in the dining room was slow at times, but never had to wait more than 5 or 10 minutes to be seated. Would still like to have one dining room with traditional seating. The Blue Lagoon was great for breakfast, lunch and snacktime. The food and service in the Blue Lagoon was very good to excellent. All in all, I would rate this cruise at a 4.5. This was our 25th cruise.
Consumer Review:Embarking and disembarking happen at the same day, almoust the same time. disembarking was disorganized, difficult to locate the laggage. Crew does not have time to do good job at that day, even they work hard. A matress was old, with uneven surface. At the last day duven was off the blanket. The Blanket was foul smelling and dirty. ... Can you imagine how I felt, when I figured out that 7 days I was sleeping in durty bed, while paying $240 daily ( one person in the room). Buffet on Jewel was overcrowded: it has twice less size than buffet on Dawn, and Jewel bigger ship than Dawn. I was very satisfied with my previious cruise on Dawn. I can not say this about my cruise on Jewel.
Consumer Review:Enjoyed the 'free-style' eating, but was disappointed at how little information was provided about the gratuity added on every purchase, as well as the twelve dollars per person estimate for 'tip' per day. Will make certain any friends requesting information are told about this additional expense.
Consumer Review:First of all I want to mention this was our first cruise together and we wanted it to be romantic and relaxing. My girlfriend and I are not avid travelers,this was the first trip out of the country for both of us. Our expectations were high as well as the anticipation of alot of alone time and beautiful quiet beaches, well this was not the case. first of all we arrive in New York beautiful and fast paced city we loved it. we boarded the Jewel on time, was processed in a timely manner recieved our room keys and went to our state room. it was awsome very cozy and cute we were so excited we changed up and hurried to the deck to see New York Harbor to say good bye to the stresses of work and kids. we then are on the deck of the ship and are looking at the statue of liberty, taking pictures of several land marks. we noticed there were quite a few kids, i was not told that this cruise was a Nikoloden kids catered to very young kids as well as teens. this was disapointing to say the least. as the cruise proceeded it was very hard to find a place where children were not present. Kids were in hot-tubs that clearly stated adults only! they were at one point lying in hall ways, apparent that they had been drinking! we knew the drinking age was 18, but they looked 12, it was hard to watch!! service was just not curteous!instead of ordering room service by phone,my girlfriend went to deck8, from deck5, where our stateroom was. once there, she ordered 3 apps 2 beverages,once order was complete they handed her everything without atray. she asked for a tray to carry it to the room, they refused her. a manager then approached her asked what was wrong, she said she needed to have a tray to carry everything and finnaly he gave her one, at this point she was almost in tears no appology was givin. this was totally unacceptable, we both work in the hotel industry and the #1 rule is to help and assist our customers in any way possible, and to appoligize and resolve the situation. we are both middle class hard working people and realize that customer service is a challenging job, but if we treated our clients like we were treated on this cruise we would never see them again! there are also a few hidden charges that we were not told about. for example a $24.00 service charge daily for all servers and Houskeepers, we new that we would tip our service attendants but at our own liesure. this interfered with purchases made on board, two days we had do not disturb signs on our cabin and was still charged the full amount. we went to the reception desk to try to get an explanation, all the lady could say sorry and thank you! did not speak much english and could not understand much either. the only reception person that was curteous was Killian from India,thank you Killian for listening to Us! so needless to say we also went to Nassau, but missed the other two islands due to a Hurricane, missed out on all the wonderful beaches. the beach in Nassau was called Cabbage beach. this beach was dangerous to even be on due to the local people selling drugs and unsafe alchoholic beverages. we approached the beach and was asked if we wanted to get "Wasted" this was acommon thing we delt with while trying to relax on the beach. anyway we have decided to spend our hard earned money next year at Cocoa beach florida a paradise we found while docking there. we learned alot and are moving on but wanted to share this with new travelers so they can be aware.
Consumer Review:From the moment I stepped aboard to the moment I left the ship, I was treated like royalty. The food was beyond 5 star as was the crew. Truly one of the best experiences of my life.
Consumer Review:Given the amazingly low price of this cruise, I feel I received/experienced fair value for price, but I am in no way motivated to cruise Norwegian again. The crew/staff on this cruise was NOT HAPPY ! The energy was not there. They were, for the most part, POLITE. The pressure on staff to SELL MORE, as in cocktails (buckets, doubles, even bottles) was obvious, offensive, and demeaning for them.
Consumer Review:Great cruise at great price. Norwegian Jewel has excellent kids programs especially Nick JR. I hope NCL will get this on all ships at all times. SUPER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. NCL also has the most cleaniest ships and good service. Food was good as well. Can't wait to cruise again. Thank you Direct Line Cruises and NCL.
Consumer Review:great cruise, but very disapointed with not being able to stop at great stirrup cay. found it to be a common problem,need to rethink great stirrup cay transport.
Consumer Review:Great ship sailed on it last May to Florida and the Bahamas too. Great service also, except the last night in the dining room. Service was slow and items were forgotten after ordering. We did our own shore excursions...much cheaper. Always enjoy the entertainment on NCL...great variety.
Consumer Review:Had a great time unfortunately had rough seas coming back home and could not go on beaches because of the surf,
Consumer Review:I absolutely love the freestyle cruising on the NCL ships, however the entertainment could use some improvement. I remember years ago (at least 10) I thought NCL had the best entertainment of all the other cruise lines I have been on but it seems it has dropped considerably. This of course does not change my mind in any future cruises with NCL because of the laid back freestyle cruising, I LOVE IT!!! The only other problem I had was with the pricey soda card, I found it difficult to get soda (in a timely fashion) at any of the restaurants and not being able to get it with my room service at all. I also found that I could not get iced tea or soda with breakfast. I know this may sound crazy but I am not a hot coffee or hot tea drinker, again this will not stop me from cruising with NCL in the future but I will bring my own soda on board (especially because I drink Coke and not Pepsi).
Consumer Review:I enjoyed my first cruise with NCL's Jewel. The food was fantastic, the crew was amazing and very helpful. The ship was very clean and neat. There was plenty to do I wasn't bored at all. The shore excursions were easy to book (book early most were sold out) The soda card is a good investment unless you are going to drink water the whole cruise. Juice is only available at the main dining room during open hours. The Blue Lagoon Cafe is open 24 hours along with room service. The Garden Cafe get crowded very quickly. The Cirque Bijou show is awesome. The Stardust Theatre seats are conjested but comfortable. The shows onboard were great and very entertaining. I will book NCL again!!
Consumer Review:I enjoyed the itinerary, but due to weather we were not able to tender in to Great Stirrup Cay because of rough waters, and safety issues. I personally, was looking forward to this Port of Call the most, just to snorkel, and dip my feet into the Bahamian waters. We did stay 2 days in Nassau, but i found this city very run down and very expensive to get around. Because I did not see Great Stirrup Cay, I was looking forward to spending a day on the beach in Nassau, but was told Cabbage Beach on Paradise Island near Atlantis, was the one to see..But it would cost $60.00 each for a day pass, and $8.00 per person each way for a taxi. My husband and I opted to stay on the ship, and actually enjoyed some peace and quiet while everyone else disembarked. I was quite surprised that there were so many children on this cruise, as where I come from..April vacation was over, and school was still in session till June. I was unaware this was a Nickolodean Cruise. All in All I did relax very much. The beds in cabins were extremely comfortable, and the food was excellent.
Consumer Review:i felt like the jewel was more interested making children happy. i flet they sold to any products and the less time on a cruise which was the dawn i believe the things thsy wanted me to pay for were free on the dawn, the mecican rest. and the in door hot tub. Getting back to the children n one stop thme they were running all the ship and knocking on all the doors. they were all over the the place were was security. the kids hAd their on clubs, pool, and hot tub, yet no one stop them from being in the adult pool. i dont thing i will sail with with this cruise line again even though this was #5. holdand america is my new cruise line.
Consumer Review:I had a very dirty balcony and they had to comr clean it. It had someones urine on it. I had a drain there and I would never want that again.
Consumer Review:I have never had a more relaxing vacation. I feel like a new person.
Consumer Review:I have no complaints about any of my cruises.I had good service from all the staff of Norwegian Dawn,Gem and Jewel.I am looking forward to book another cruise next year with Direct Line Cruises.
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